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What are virgin hair extensions?

Virgin hair extensions are unprocessed human hair which have been collected form a single donor and have not been chemically processed in any way. All the cuticles are aligned and kept intact, which means that the hair won't tangle.
Some hair textures will gently be steamed to achieve a certain wave or curl pattern. It does not however incur any damage to the cuticle.

How much hair do I need?

For a full head of extensions, the average person would need around 300g of hair. For a fuller head of extensions, or when using lengths of 20 inches or longer, use between 4 to 6 packs (400g- 600g).

Can the hair be dyed?

All of our hair extensions can be colored as they are virgin. We recommend that you do a strand test to see whether that is the desired color you want to achieve.